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ChimpTM  a one-person, stand-up, electric utility vehicle
from Doran Electric Vehicles

Standard Features
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Doran Electric Vehicles is searching for distribution partners for specific industries, like security, material handling, GSE, etc.
please inquire at:  info@DoranEV.com 







with brakelights, turn signals, and non-marking grey tires
(see other options)

How big is the storage ?
Just big enough.
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    A stand-up, rapid response, electric utility vehicle.
  • The Chimp moves personnel (and some cargo) through various indoor and outdoor environments. 

    Traveling at up to four times walking speed, it can quickly pay for itself from labor cost savings alone.

    Designed to fit through standard doorways, and into limited access areas; the Chimp is ideal for warehouses, industrial complexes, airports, campuses, amusement parks, and security patrols.

    The Chimp¡¯s soft plastic body was specifically designed for pedestrian safety, for use in "people" environments.

Target Markets:
  • The "soft" security market -  Anywhere security and safety is needed around people.

    This includes parking lot patrols, amusement and theme parks, downtown and beach pedestrian areas, malls and shopping centers, campuses, events, etc.
    (The Chimp's soft plastic body could give an occasional nudge without serious complaint as it creeps and weaves through crowds of people. 
    Steel bodied vehicles can shatter bones.)


  • Industrial markets:
    Security patrols
  • Recreational rentals.

Target (competing vehicles):
see comparison spreadsheet below




Unique and
Beneficial Features:
  • People soft and safe one-piece plastic body, with integral wheel-wells, storage, and "padding" for operator comfort and safety.
  • Roto-molded body is color-impregnated (no painting), hi-impact strength, never dents, and is scratch resistant
    (scratch it, and it's still the same color).
  • Body can be removed in less than 30 seconds. 
    The batteries could be swapped-out in minutes
    (this could be very beneficial in rental or multi-shift operations).
  • Many safety features including: charger interlock (cannot be driven while plugged-in); regen braking (feel of compression braking on downhills or slowing down, and roll-away is reduced to creep speeds); downhill speed limiting; timed shutdown after 3 minutes of non-use (time programmable); low-volume reverse beeper; etc.
  • Driver fairly well protected from low-speed collisions, even from the rear (an important feature for parking lot duties)
  • Very stable. 
    (which are located as low as possible in the vehicle) provide incredible ballast.
    Impossible to "wheelie" with front wheel drive.
    "If you get in trouble on this vehicle; you were lookin' for it."
  • Plastic battery tray designed into the body mold, and cut from what would have been scrap.
    Impervious to acid - protects frame from rust-through which is a common problem to all other industrial vehicles. 
    Powder-coated frame also prolongs its life
    (compared to paint).
  • Incredible range:  Pulls about 20 amps at cruising speed.  Can travel over 30 miles on a charge.
  • Easy and intuitive to drive.  You won't need lessons before jumping on it and driving it away (compared to 2-wheel balancing types).
  • Tested and proven product.  Well over a year of every day use with several target customers.
  • Very inexpensive, off-the-shelf replacement batteries.  Easy to find anywhere in the world. 
    Projected battery life 3 to 5 years.
    Typical replacement cost:  $70 to $150 each retail;
    depending on quality and source
    (uses two batteries).
  • This is not a disposable junk, wimp-mobile, that is commonly marketed.
    This is a Made In USA tough vehicle, built for the industrial market, using the best quality components that will last for years in harsh use.
  • Has a higher perceived value than any other vehicle in its class (industrial vehicles).






Top Forward Speed

11  Mph, infinitely variable.
(can be electronically limited)

18 kph


Limited to 40% of forward speed (programmable)


Rider, Capacity

One, 300 pounds max.

136 kg


~30 miles on flat, paved roads
(with standard battery pack)

~50 km.

Braking (11 mph to 0)

<<10 feet

<<3 meters

Turning Radius

~40 inches
(will loop inside an 84" circle)
will easily do a 3-point turn in even less space

~1000 mm

Maximum Grade






Operator Speed Control

Motorcycle type twist throttle, handlebar mounted, fly-by-wire


24 volt, 1.3 Horsepower  (1000 watts)

Motor Control

Electronic, infinitely variable;  w/reverse, speed limiting, regenerative braking, thermally protected, programmable.

Motor Protection

Thermal circuit breaker


Double reduction to front wheel

Tires / Wheels

4.8-8¡± pneumatic heavy-duty road tires, steel wheels

Batteries, standard



Two 12-volt, Group 27, 115 amp-hr., deep-cycle lead-acid, 60 pounds each (~27 kg. each)
(can accommodate up to group 31 batteries for even more range)

(sealed batteries are available as an option)

 Battery Charger


w/charger interlock

On-board, 8 amp, automatic, any world voltage.
(Programmable for flooded, AGM, or gel batteries)

Includes a standard equipment charger interlock
(cannot be driven while plugged-in)

Operator Brake Control

Automatic Off-throttle "regen braking" (the energy is returned to the batteries)

A single handlebar mounted lever
(for the rear brakes).


Front:  automatic off-throttle motor braking (real "regen braking")

Rear:  drum brakes on both rear wheels

Parking brake

Lever locks both rear drums

Cargo Area Capacity

50 lb. (23 kg.)
Cargo Area Size

~ 12¡± x 20¡± x 5.5¡± deep
enough room for two twelve packs.

(~ 305 x 508 x 140 mm deep)
enough room for two twelve packs.

Cargo deck from ground
 20¡±  (508 mm)
 2  (2)

Vehicle Weight (without driver)

192 pounds (87 kg.)
(includes two 60 pound batteries)

Width, maximum vehicle

28.5 inches (724 mm)

Length, maximum vehicle

44 inches  (1118 mm)

Height, maximum to top of handlebars

Height, folded handlebars for shipping or transit.

48 inches  (1220 mm)

32 inches (813 mm)


26 inches (650 mm)


Hi-Impact polyethylene, one piece.
(<1 minute removal time)


Steel tubing, powder-coated for corrosion prevention.

Rider Platform

~4¡± above ground (100 mm)
(under the rear axle)

Ground Clearance

Will clear a 7¡± speed bump  (165 mm)



Key-switch, w/Forward-Reverse (marine quality)

Battery Discharge Indicator (¡°fuel gauge¡±), electronic, w/10 red LED's

Power-On Light, green LED,  w/diagnostics

Horn, with dash mounted button, yellow

Reverse Beeper (low volume for alerting operator)

Safety:  charger interlock, timed shut-down, regen braking, speed limiting, roll-away control, and parking brake.

Folding handlebars - for ease in shipment and storage.



LIGHTING PACKAGE:  Headlight, taillights, front marker lights, w/switch

Brake Lights:  Add to lighting package

Turn Signals:  Add to lighting package

Sealed, deep-cycle, lead-acid batteries.

¡°Industrial¡± reverse beeper (100+ dB)

Flashing Beacon

Switch or key for dual top speeds

Handlebar mounted clipboard

12 volt or 110v, 60 cycle auxiliary outlet
Grey - non-marking  tires for indoor use



Order Information

Click here to open a .pdf of the order form.


Contact us for a no obligation shipping quote.  We only need your Zipcode.


Performance, Specifications, and Availability are subject to change without notice.
Please email us at info@DoranEV.com

Tourist rental fleets ?
We want to hear from you.
We will show you how the Chimp will make more profit for you than any other electric vehicle.

Chimp versus Competitors

Comparison Table:   

vehicle top speed
overall length
weight w/batteries
body rider
Chimp 11.5 28.5 ~30 44 192 3195. deep cycle
lead acid
12v  X  2
one piece
Segway 12.5 25 or 26.5 ~12 or 24 25 105 or 120
4995. or
NiMH or Li-Ion
12v  X  2
multi-piece plastic 8"
Columbia Parcar
Chariot CR10
9 28.5 ? 52 366 3095.
w/o reverse or electronic controls
deep cycle
lead acid
6v  X  2
steel, painted 8"
7 27 ? 48 320 ? deep cycle
lead acid
12v  X  2
steel, painted ?
American Chariot 8 to 20 32 up to 15 62 235 3750. lead acid
12v  X  2
multi-piece plastic and fiberglass 6"
25 34.6 ~15-75
depending on battery pack $
53.5 300+ 8995.
w/o reverse
multi-piece fiberglass, painted 9"

*Proprietary batteries - check replacement cost and life when doing comparisons.

SEGWAY is a trademark of Segway Inc.  www.segway.com

CHARIOT CR10 is a trademark of Columbia ParCar Corporation www.parcar.com

MOTREC E-12, Motrec is a trademark of Motrec www.motrec.ca

AMERICAN CHARIOT is a trademark of American Chariot Company, Inc.  www.americanchariot.com/

T3MOTION T3 is a trademark of T3Motion, Inc.  www.t3motion.com/


Competitors:  Please send corrections if any data in the above table are incorrect.

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Doran Electric VehiclesTM
All rights reserved


QUESTIONS ?  info@DoranEV.com


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