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Doran Electric Car - a 3-wheel motorcycle.

Molds for sale - see below

Doran Electric and Gas Vehicles
After six years of professional engineering development, and thousands of miles of testing, these sleek vehicles are ready for the road.
Their design objectives:  minimized weight, aerodynamic efficiency, sports car performance.
Achieved by:  incredibly strong foam-core composite body, naturally aerodynamic teardrop shape, minimal frontal area, flush mounted headlights and windshield, and no 4th wheel (saves weight and minimizes rolling resistance).
Front wheel drive and steering with double wishbone front suspension gives handling agility and overturn resistance matching many modern sports sedans


Good Clean Fun With Electric Power
No need to wait in  gas lines.  Here's an affordable electric vehicle that can be built with inexpensive electric components, available today.  A heavy-duty series wound DC electric motor propels the vehicle 0 to 60 in 10.9 seconds and climbs hills with ease.  A PWM motor controller keeps efficiency high with solid state reliability.  Inexpensive lead-acid batteries give a range of up to 50 miles and last for years.  Batteries charge at home, overnight, on only pennies per charge.  Top speed of over 60 Mph, and this electric vehicle is no slouch on acceleration.


Sports Car Performance With Gas
The Doran gas powered vehicle delivers sports car handling and performance while achieving 50 mpg on the freeway.  A reliable, high-torque Subaru engine, with free-flow exhaust really comes to life in this 1280 pound roadster.  The short throw shifter executes quick and precise gear changes feeling like a muscle car.  It accelerates thru gears doing 0 to 60 in 8.7 seconds.  For those wanting real sports car excitement, this vehicle is unmatched for sportiness and fun.

Racing with a Miata (in the background).

Building your own car is one of the most fun and proudest things you can do.









More pictures:    


Fun to Build  -  Fun to Drive

Buy the Fully Detailed Plans

Plans cover both the electric and gas versions with 96 full-sized pages of photos, illustrations, and precise construction details.  Sections include forming of body components, layout and installation of braking and wiring systems, and detailed frame and suspension construction.
We've included many ideas for customizing your vehicle, or building your own design from scratch.  A real education in building your own car, and electric vehicle technology.


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Sample pages from the manual:    


Table of Contents: Doran Construction Manual
       Gas and Electric Vehicles
1 Introduction
2 Design Goals and Procedures
3 Design Considerations for vehicles, especially 3-wheelers
Why 2 wheels in front are superior.  Vehicle Dynamics.
4 Rolling Chassis Fabrication
5 Braking System Layout and Installation
6 Composite Body Building Techniques
7 Miscellaneous Body Details
8 Acrylic Window and Lens Forming Techniques
9 Electric Wiring and Instruments
10 The Electric Option
11 Building Your Own Custom Body Design
12 Appendix (including sources and drawings)



Molds For Sale:
The original molds for the car pictured are for sale. 
Not the car, not the bodies; just the molds. 
The molds were built with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.  

The Doran EV is one of the most famous electric cars which won many races and electric vehicle range contests and rallys in the 1990s.

was powered by a Subaru flat-4 cylinder engine.  It was fast, handled very well, and was still very economical and efficient with its aerodynamic shape, light weight, and low rolling resistance.

The electric car was owned by the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles (a LA County Museum) from 1996 to 2004.  It was acquired for its beauty and technology. 

The molds were taken from the first car. 
Only the second car was made from the molds.  

There is basically two big pieces to the car:  The main body (cockpit); and the hood which rotates towards the front of the vehicle. 

The main body has 4 mold pieces that bolt together:  this includes the top of the car that also encircles the windshield, the two sides, and the rear.


The hood also has four molds that bolt together to make the entire hood in one piece (like the body).

If you look at the picture of the mold pieces in storage, you will see a large piece that is red in color.

That is a spare hood that is sitting in the main (largest) piece of the mold for the hood.


Support:  We are no longer in the fiberglass/composites business and no longer have personnel experienced in same.

Depending on where you are located, there are probably several fiberglass businesses within a relatively short distance.

These may include kit car manufacturers, custom body parts manufacturers, and boat manufacturers.

Doran EV could offer advice to the fiberglass manufacturer.  Also, on a consulting basis (separate from this auction), Doran can offer vehicle design / engineering services.

Price for the molds:  $89,000.
                                        will consider financing with substantial down, and guarantee of payments and/or royalties.

Inquire:  info@DoranEV.com